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For the moments you will miss…

Hiring a birth photographer to ensure your birth experience and baby's first moments are beautifully captured is quickly becoming an essential part of the journey into parenthood.

Imagine the relief from the pressure to document everything.

Imagine being able to fully focus on the important work you're doing (and soaking up all of that new baby sweetness). Revel in the freedom to simply enjoy the ride, secure in the knowledge that every detail and moment of connection is being is being preserved for you.




I’ve have had all manner of birth experiences, photographed a ton, and have nerd level birth & newborn knowledge. (Seriously, as a child I wanted to be an OB/GYN. But in the end, my creative side prevailed over my brainy side.) I shoot with professional grade cameras and lenses capable of handling the technical challenges of the birth environment. I'm confident in my ability to document your unique birth story without getting in your, or the rest of your birth team's, way. I currently work with home birthing mothers as well as the following birth spaces across the Gulf Coast:


Birth Centers & Midwifery Practices:

  • Stand & Deliver Midwifery

  • Milton Memorial Birthing Center

  • Mother’s Comfort Birthing Services

  • Belly to Cradle (Doula Services)

If you do not see your hospital or birth provider, please ask.

  • Sacred Heart Hospital

  • Baptist Hospital

  • West Florida Family Birth Place

  • Santa Rosa Medical Center

  • North Okaloosa Medical Center

  • Fort Walton Beach Medical Center

  • Springhill Medical Center

  • Thomas Hospital


At first, I was a little nervous about having someone photograph such a vulnerable experience, but the second I met Natalie I knew she was someone I wanted with me. She was able to quietly document the day, as well as be there for us.

Each photograph we received was a work of art”

Marin + John

The Birth of Alice | June 2017


included in every session



Trust that I won’t show up and shoot your session on my iPhone or be a distracting presence in your delivery room.



Crisp, clean & vibrant color edits that are true to life and stand out from the rest. Never muddy, muted, or drab looking.



Save your images to your computer or phone for easy sharing. They are yours to keep forever and print as you wish.



Do you love the idea of capturing your just born baby, but are maybe not so keen to have a photographer in your birth space? A great alternative to birth coverage is the FRESH 48. The images from this 1-hour birth space session feel remarkably like birth photography, minus the pushing.

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Invest in your memories


Fresh 48 Sessions

  • 1 hour birth space session

  • Coverage may include skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, meeting siblings or grandparents

  • On-call from 38 weeks

  • Sessions scheduled between 8:30am - 2pm

  • High resolution images via download

  • Starting at $749


Birth Sessions

  • Pre-natal coffee meeting to discuss birth plan

  • Coverage may include labor, delivery & just born moments

  • Options for coverage vary

  • On-call from 38 weeks

  • Back-up photographer available

  • High resolution images via download

  • Starting at $1249


You deserve the absolute best.
That’s why I want to make sure I’m the right photographer for you.

I do not take every birth that I am approached with. It is truly important to me that I work with the right families, and they with me.

I’d love to hear more about you and your story. Fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch as soon as humanly possible.

[email protected]

(850) 291-6318

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