Autumn's Birth at North Okaloosa Medical Center | Crestview Birth Photographer


Are you ready to witness an absolutely breathtaking and UNCENSORED birth…with VIDEO? Stephanie and Brandon have been kind enough to allow me to share Autumn’s birth at Crestview’s North Okaloosa Medical Center in its entirety.

This is the first birth I have agreed to take outside of Pensacola. I held back on taking births that require an hour or more drive while my kids are young. As the youngest started school this year, I’ve begun to branch out and I am loving these opportunities to experience different birth environments.

When I arrived NOMC blew my mind when they handed me a photo/video policy agreement stating that they allow delivery to be videoed! In my experience it is pretty uncommon that hospitals allow video from the time pushing starts and until baby is placed on mom’s chest. So while I did have my GoPro on me, I didn’t have my Gorilla Pod and had to hold the GoPro AND stabilize my camera in one hand while I used the other to maneuver my settings and depress the shutter button. All that to say, sorry for the wildly shaky video and clicking of the camera you can hear in the audio…what is that compared to hearing Brandon yelling out ‘IT’S A GIRL!’

CONTENT ADVISORY: This video contains uncensored footage of childbirth, including baby half-in-half-out.

Could I have stuffed anymore images into that slideshow?

Um, yes.

This birth was just incredible and it was difficult to edit it down this far. Stephanie was so gorgeous, Brandon was wonderfully emotional, and Will kept us all laughing (as always). And you know I’m a sucker for the moment family floods in to meet the new baby. Here are a few of my most favorites:


OMG. This kid and the birth balls. I DIE!


Doula love! Jenny of Doula Do Right was a dream come true. She kept me updated all day and intuitively gave me space to work and time to photograph the family alone. She truly serves her clients from the heart. Not only taking care of physical needs, but elevating everyone else in the room so the client gets the very best from everyone on her birth team.


Endless hours of labor, but she got this yo.


Dr. Hamby’s reaction to baby being the girl everyone was hoping for…priceless!


Grandmas crying.


Baby yawns…


…so big brother yawns. I kid you not, it happened exactly like this.


Hanging around waiting for her vitals. I always stay to capture weight, measurements and footprints.

birth-photography-fort walton-beach

Brandon couldn’t take his eyes off her for a second. He held her the most and even did skin-to-skin.


Seriously…he’s wrapped. Completely enamored.

180922-Bannon Birth-1454.jpg

Several names were thrown around for this girl, none of them Autumn. Until someone mentioned that it was the ‘first day of Autumn’ on the calendar. And so it was agreed she would be named for the day of her birth.

What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments.