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Meet Devan. Devan is a brand educator & strategist and the awesome girl boss behind We first met at our local Rising Tide chapter's monthly meeting where, after introducing myself as a lifestyle photographer, Devan very excitedly asked if I offered headshots. I replied that I did, but that I approached headshots the same way I would approach any other session. As a storyteller.

As it turns out, that was exactly what she was hoping for. As it also turns out, the services that she offers were exactly what I was looking for. So we met for coffee, chatted all about what we could do for one another, and hired each other on the spot. 


For some time now, I have been rolling the idea of a headshot/brand photography package around in my mind. Something that would be MORE that just a picture for the about page and social media profiles. Something that would tell a more comprehensive story about a business and the person or people behind it. 

And now I had my test subject. No. Devan was so much more than that. She was my lab partner. I explained to her how I had this idea for series of three sessions designed to capture images that would visually tell the story of a small business. She loved it, and we got to work on each other's projects.


First we broke down Devan's needs:
1) Fun, candid "headshots" for her website, publication, and social media profiles. Images that would convey her personality and passion. 
2) An variety of 'on brand' images for blog and Instagram posts, including some of Devan working behind the scenes.

I asked Devan to tell me about her business, her services, and what sets her apart from the competition. We talked about her ideal client and what she would want them to see when they look at these images, what message did she want to convey. I had her describe the essence of her brand's visual aspects (logo, colors, style, feel) 


She gave me words like airy, feminine, clean, simple, and comfortable to describe both her brand and personal style. She described her ideal client as a perfectionist, adventurous, rebellious, passionate, and compassionate. Someone who longs to balance work and life with ease. Who is not looking to be a millionaire. Someone who just wants love on the people in their life, spend their days doing what they love, and make enough money to not have to worry about taking a couple vacations a year...essentially, someone just like her.


Then we planned her sessions. We made sure that wardrobe, props, and locations for each session would be consistent with her brand's colors, quality, and messaging. (Now let me say here that Devan does this for a living and has a solid grasp on her own brand. If you're sitting here thinking, "I need this brand photography package," but you don't know who your ideal client is, why the need you, and what messages you should be sending them in your visual content...then you need Devan first. She will walk you thru every step of the process and pull things out of you that you didn't know you were capable of. She'll help you harness all of the ideas and should-do's whirling around inside your mind, whittle them down to the essentials, and arm you with a clear and organized action plan to get you projecting a well defined brand that is exactly what your ideal clients wants.)


Finally, I insisted on adding a family session to Devan's list of "needs". I really felt that, because Devan wants clients that are just like her, she needed to show them exactly how she's just like them when that 'girl boss' hat comes off at the end of the day. 
But this post is getting to be rather long, so I'll save that mind-blowing session for some other day...

In the meantime, please leave a comment below. Once 50 people have commented, Devan will receive a free 8X10 mounted print from her session!

If you're a small business owner, in or around Pensacola, I would love to tailor a brand lifestyle package to your brand. Click here or email me at [email protected] to find out how to take your professional image to the next level.

Photo credit: Indie Pearl Photography

Natalie is a birth, family, and brand lifestyle photographer serving Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas. With a passion for capturing candid family moments, she specializes in birth and newborn lifestyle photography. Natalie lives in Pensacola with her husband and two (very difficult to photograph) children. Besides photography, she has a passion for modern sewing projects and graphic design. 

Photo Credit: Indie Pearl Photography