Happy Birthday Emily | Pensacola Birth Photographer at Sacred Heart Hospital


Emily’s birth at Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola, FL was another of those that chugged along slowly and then progressed super fast all of the sudden. I made it JUST in time to capture the birth. The nurses ushered me to the room saying, “Don’t worry, she hast started pushing yet.” Being the third baby, Amelia + Steve were total pros and there was an air of calm confidence in the room the whole time.

I hung out after to capture the big brothers Hunter + Jackson meeting their much hoped for little sister for the very first time.

Click play below to watch the photo film from Emily’s birth.

Courtesy Content Advisory: This film does contain moderately graphic birth images, but no nudity.

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1. Support from a third time dad. Totally casual, because they both ‘got this’.


2. Amelia’s adorably joyful reaction to…getting peed on.


3. Hello birds! How excited was I to see my client sporting my branding?! Excited enough to take pictures focusing on it. Haha!


4. Daddy marveling over his DAUGHTER!


5. Clearly Emily is a chip off the old block.

20180407-Fischer Birth-508_Blog.jpg

6. This march across the promenade to meet the sister they’ve been waiting for.


7. This sweet nurse stopping in the hallway to give the boys their first glimpse.


8. Using so much hand sanitizer you have to rub it in up to your elbows.


9. Grandma love.


10. Jackson was not prepared for or happy about that piercing newborn cry.


11. Jackson’s impression of what newborn cries sound like…Raptors?


After I sent the photo film to Amelia for approval, she sent me back this picture of Jackson watching it:


I LOVE that these boys get grow up seeing, appreciating, and having better understanding birth because of this film. Birth photography is changing the mindset and the cultural taboos surrounding birth in our country. Can you just imagine how much more confident these kids will be going into the births of their own first babies? How much better prepared they will be to support their future partner during labor and after? Now, when their minds are open and curious, is the time to show them that birth is beautiful, not something to be afraid of or grossed out by.

I’m so proud to be a part of changing the childbirth landscape for this next generation of moms and dads.

Have you shared your birth with your kids? What was their reaction? Tell me in the comments below…