Finley | Fresh 48 Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast, Miramar Beach


Wedding photographers have an advantage in that they can accept jobs anywhere in the world. I’ve had so many requests from family, friends and even Instagram followers to photograph births across the country…one even in Canada!

As wonderful as that sounds, logistically the stars would pretty much just have to perfectly align for a destination birth to be possible. Otherwise, it would mean planning to be away from home for roughly a month…or maybe the client having a private jet on standby for me. Even then the extreme unpredictability of birth makes it risky..


Until this past year, I haven’t accepted anything outside of the Pensacola/Milton area. The drive and my school drop off/pickup made it impossible. But as my kids get older, our routine becomes more and more flexible (thank you Jesus for drop-in after school care!), and my network of reliable backup photographers expands, I’ve begun to migrate further and further out.

When Anna contacted me about the possibility of doing Finley’s Fresh 48 at Scared Heart on the Emerald Coast in Miramar Beach last Christmas, I was still a little hesitant. Fresh 48s are definitely more flexible than birth, still an hour and a half drive is significant on short notice. But she’s a photographer too and I always try to make it work when another photographer honors me with a request for my services. Plus, she was flexible and said she would be totally fine with a newborn session at home if the Fresh 48 didn’t work out.


Everything worked out perfectly though. This was my first time at Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast and it was truly a treat. The facilities are beautiful and so accommodating, right down to the extra sweet security guard and pediatrician who complemented my swaddling skills and encouraged big sister to help with her exam while I captured it all.

Working with Josh and Anna was such a joy. We chatted photography and I even busted out my new gimbal to fumble my way thru an attempt at capturing some video (none of which turned out good). It was so great to have an opportunity to try out something new with a client who both understands the need to practice new skills without the pressure to deliver and is genuinely interested in learning along with you too.


I am obsessed with Anna’s robe. These large print floral robes just photograph so beautifully and the colors here compliment this standard issue hospital swaddles so well. Here are a few more of my favorites from this session.