The Oar House | Pensacola Photo Spots

I often get asked by my clients to find a unique location for their session, somewhere that hasn’t been done time and time again. So, I decided to start a series of blog posts on the little gems I find. I am always on the look out for interesting and undiscovered Pensacola photo spots. If you have any suggestions of your own I would love to hear them! If 50 people comment on this blog post, I will randomly pick one of the commenters to win a FREE 30 minute morning mini session at this location. For session details please reference The Mini. Once 50 people have commented I will randomly select a winner and update this post with the winner's name to close the giveaway. This prize is transferrable. If you can't use it but know someone that can, feel free to play and give the session as a gift.

The very first time I visited The Oar House I was struck by what a great location it would be for a photo shoot or even a wedding. Varying scenery and an explosion of colors make this location a dream for clients wanting a session that just FEELS like Florida, but isn't the beach (because, let's face it, the beach has been done to death). As a popular lunch and dinner spot, it can be too busy for an afternoon or evening session. But mornings are completely deserted and the light is perfect.

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Now let's look at the why. This is a great place for portraits because:

1) Variety: In the vicinity are a variety of colorful props and buildings. There is also a marina, water, beach front, and docks. There is just no end to the number of backgrounds and poses that can be achieved.

2) Texture: This is a big one for me. Texture adds a lot of interest to an image. The Oar House has a wealth of rusty corrugated metal sheeting, a thatched roof, rough wood work, rope, old salvaged signs and other marine paraphernalia, rocks, sand...the list just goes on and on!

3) Color: The rich yellowy-browns in the wood and thatch on these buildings will give your portraits a sense of warmth and there are bright oranges, greens, and blues everywhere.

4) Character: This place just has loads of charm and fun architectural elements that will make your images really shine.

If you are interested in this location for your upcoming portrait session, please contact me to talk about how we can make this location work for you!