Cayden Fresh 48 | Newborn Photographers Pensacola FL


I was SO excited to have been asked to photograph Cayden's birth, and I could tell that Brandi and Riki were excited to have their birth photographed. And when the "I'm being induced text" finally came, I couldn't sleep a wink that night in anticipation of go-time.  Newborn Photographers Pensacola FL Well, go-time came around 4am.

With a text that said "I have to have an emergency c-section...right now".

I might have cried a little (ok..a lot) before finally passing out on the couch.

And with that, Cayden was the first born of my three 7/7 babies. (Baby Isla was actually second born, but first photographed. Check her out here and here.) Naturally, I ran up to the hospital at the first possible moment to point my lens at this super sweet new family of three.

I can't even believe that Brandi had a c-section. She was up and bouncing around the room like she was just there on vacation. No wincing, no hesitating, just all smiles, up and down, and in and out of bed like major abdominal surgery never happened. She's pretty much my hero. Neither mom or dad looked like they were missing any sleep and baby Cayden was just the most precious, scrumptious little nugget. With the MOST adorable face.

(Courtesy Disclosure: This slideshow contains beautiful breastfeeding photographs)


Were these three not just born to do lifestyle sessions? We must have been telepathically connected, because I scarcely had to utter a word of direction. Check out how Riki holds the baby close to his face and facing out toward the a total pro. And let's not forget to mention how EVERYTHING, right down to the whale balloon, color coordinates. We even finished up early enough that had time to snuggle this little heartbreaker before I had to move on 7/7 baby #3 a few rooms over. Thanks so much guys!

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