Celebrating Juliet Rose | Pensacola Baby Shower


When all of your best friends are local wedding vendors, artists, and photographers, it's pretty much a given that your Pensacola baby shower will be over the top and uniquely personalized. But a Pineapple/Harry Potter/Mint & Coral/Juliet Rose themed surprise party baby shower? Let's be honest here. It sounds...insane. Incorporating so many discordant details, might have you a little nervous that we'd cross the line into Tacky City. That's never a worry with this team of creative geniuses.

Pensacola Baby Shower, Mint & Coral, The WES, Supposey, Emerald Coast Custom Cakes, Hemstitch Vintage Rentals

Pensacola Baby Shower, Mint & Coral, The WES, Supposey, Emerald Coast Custom Cakes, Hemstitch Vintage Rentals

Still, I was seriously blown away as I watched the talented ladies behind this crazy idea for a shower. They took all of these bits of Ace and Melissa's favorite things and inspirations for baby Juliet's name and nursery, and seamlessly wove them into one incredibly chic party! I think it's safe to say that Ace and Melissa were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love (and presents!) and the heart that went into this event. Melissa's expressions just say it all. Click play to see the magic.

Let's break down and explain all of those details, shall we?

  1. Pineapples: The pineapples are a subtle nod to Ace and Melissa's love of the show Psych. And to the fact that one of the character's on the show served as inspiration for the name Juliet. The cake was also pineapple flavored.

  2. Harry Potter: I'm not sure I've met bigger Harry Potter fans. Books, movies, Wizarding World of Harry Potter...they love it all. Owls, door knobs, and flying keys were tastefully incorporated into the decor and Emerald Coast Custom Cakes blew everyone away with butter beer cookies.

  3. Mint & Coral: Juliet's nursery is to be decorated in shades of mint green and coral with gold accents.

  4. Juliet Rose: Ace and Melissa had no idea when the chose the name Juliet Rose for their baby girl, that there is actually a flower called a Juliet Rose...and how perfect is it that it just happens to come in a coral pink?

Thanks to everyone that took time out of their own busy lives to throw such a beautiful shower for such a deserving couple (and their long awaited baby). Thanks to everyone that celebrated with us. And thanks for letting me photograph it all!

The Amazing Vendors

Event Space: The WES

Florals & Decor: Supposey

China & Accents: Hemstitch Vintage Rentals (selected and arranged by Angie Erickson)

Cake & Confections: Emerald Coast Custom Cakes

Catering: Karen McKinley

Invitations (not pictured): Dede McKinley

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