Baby Lillian | Pensacola Newborn Photographer

Once upon a time, I met a baby with the most amazing hair. It's rare, that amazing hair. Spiky and dark, not fair. Such style. Such flare... Pensacola Newborn Photographer And that's all the rhyming I have in me. But I mean, SERIOUSLY!?!?! How cute is this hair? I was so excited when I arrived at Sarah and Eli's home to photograph their new addition and saw this incredible coiffure. Lillian was such a sweet and content little lady. Less than two weeks old and already so alert and expressive. You won't want to miss a moment of this face. So start scrolling already!

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Oh I just love her! She was the first newborn that I have held since my son was born last year. I always find it so funny how accustomed a mom becomes to the weight of her own baby. The first time I picked up Lillian, she was at my chin before I could blink. So tiny!

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