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There is a misconception about the importance of having newborns photographed within the first 10ish days after birth. Sure, if you want the heavily posed and costumed sleeping baby images (a la Anne Geddes), it helps to get them early. But that isn't my style and I just love photographing older newborns. Six weeks is my happy place. Babies can go longer between feedings, and most are delightfully animated, interactive, and interested in the camera. It's never too late to have an awesome newborn session.  Family photographer Pensacola fl Such was the case with the McDonald Family. (Whom I might be just slightly obsessed with. Who wouldn't be? They are gorgeous, fun, and so natural in front of the camera. And Audrey must be my soul sister...we love the same books, wear geeky chic glasses, can't keep plants alive--thank God for succulents, painted our kids room the same shade of aqua, and even both have an Isla.) I was so excited that they invited me to their beautiful home for a newborn/family lifestyle session when Isla was six weeks old. Girlfriend sustained a bit of a black eye from the rigors of making her way into the world. We didn't think could be easily edited out, and had decided to wait until it healed to do photos. Which, of course, was fine with me!

We read books, attended Monroe's tea party, and gave Isla a bath. Just a typical Saturday morning at home (but with make-up, brushed hair, and coordinating outfits). We had a great time and created some seriously gorgeous, magazine worthy even, lifestyle images. I might have just ordered a GIANT canvas print of this image for my home office.

Family Photographer Pensacola FL

That's not weird right?

Maybe? Oh well. Don't care.

Click play below to check out the highlights from the McDonald's in home lifestyle session. If you haven't already seen Isla's birth, here is Part I and Part II.

Audrey and Jonathan will get a free 8x10 mounted print from their session once 50 people have commented on this post. Please be sure to leave a sweet note for them below.