Oliver's 1st Birthday | Pensacola Photographer


I love watching my babies grow. In particular, the babies I get to meet at birth or shortly after. There is just something exciting about seeing all the ways a baby has changed from day one or two, to day three hundred and sixty-five. And the ways they haven't. Oliver was one of my birth portfolio project babies last year. His Fresh 48 at West Florida Hospital still tops my list of favorites, for it's airy feeling and color. Although Olly has grown so much, I can still see a lot of that teeny tiny little one day old baby lurking in his one year old face.

As you mamas know, toddler nap needs can be difficult to predict. We didn't time Olly's birthday session so wonderfully, and the poor little guy was cranky and obviously tired. But we powered thru with a crib full of balloons, Mommy and/or Grandma jumping around on either side of me trying to coax smiles and laughter, books, bath time, and (of course) a cupcake for the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I hope to see you again next year.

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Thank you for watching!

Natalie is a lifestyle family photographer serving Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas. With a passion for capturing candid family moments, she specializes in birth and newborn lifestyle photography. Natalie lives in Pensacola with her husband and two (very difficult to photograph) children. Besides photography, she has a passion for modern sewing projects and graphic design. 

Photo credit: Indie Pearl Photography