Landon | Pace Newborn Photographer


Wow! I don't think I have ever had a busier holiday season. So many commitments and activities, several new babies, lots of shooting for myself and for clients, and very little time to edit or blog! With a stacked to-do list in hand, and my oldest back in school,  I am finally carving out some time to catch that it's nearly February. Pace Newborn Photographer Let's start with a little bit of Landon and his charismatic big sister, Kamryn. Kamryn wasn't to interested in having her picture taken at first. She seemed like a the independent sort, so I decided to ignore her for a while, and hang out with Kris, Doug, and Landon in the nursery. It wasn't long before Kamryn came to investigate, and turned on the CHARM! Landon spent a good portion of our session eating lunch (and second lunch). That gave me plenty of time to hang out with Kamryn, once she had decided we were friends. Daddy pushed her on the swings, we played in the sand box, and slid down the slide. Landon and Mommy joined us in the yard for a few final shots.

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