Mary & Blake | Pensacola Maternity Photography


Mary and Blake came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia for their Pensacola maternity photography session. In an effort to make their images a meaningful reflection of their lives together, I (as I always do) began asking about their hobbies and favorite activities...They love to grocery shop together. (I mean seriously, how sweet is that?) And so we headed down to the local Fresh Market, where Mary's dad just happens to work (yes, he totally makes a cameo). We had so much fun filling their basket with all of Mary's cravings, watching her pine over all of the things she can't have, and stopping to snack on the merchandise (yes, we paid for it first). The giggles never stopped and Blake had me in absolute stitches with his melon related shenanigans in the produce aisle. A HUGE special thanks to the folks at Fresh Market for permission to shoot and continuing to put up with us.

Mary and Blake wanted to be surprised by baby's gender and...Pensacola Maternity PhotographyIT'S A BOY!

I'm so sad that Mary, Blake, and new baby Oliver live 5 hours away and I didn't get to shoot his arrival earth side or his newborn lifestyle session. It will probably take me years to get over it.

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