Oliver Fresh 48 | West Florida Birth Photography


This Fresh 48 makes the list of my most favorite sessions. This room in West Florida Hospital was tiny, but had beautiful light. Mama Hannah is nothing short of gorgeous...and Oliver. West Florida Birth Photography Oh. My. Goodness. OLIVER!

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Little man has the most perfectly precious little face...that looks JUST like his lovely mama's. If someone lined up a row of babies and told you to pick which one was Hannah's, you wouldn't even hesitate in your choice. The resemblance is THAT remarkable. Mother and son make such a sweet pair and the love in the room was just palpable. I was thrilled to get to capture the pair with Hannah's parents. Click play to experience the highlights from this sweet session. (If the video player does not appear, please refresh the page.)

Oliver's name wasn't quite decided yet, and I just love the images of Hannah's friends and family standing around the white board discussing and debating the list of possible name combinations. Hannah's mom even asked my son's full name for ideas! (Fun fact, Hannah's mom's name is Shari. My mom's name is Sherri. Hannah was considering using her mom's maiden name as Oliver's middle name. I used my mom's maiden name as my son's first name. It always amazes me that so many of my clients and I are of such similar minds.)

Can we just talk (again!) about the gorgeous light at West Florida Hospital? The rooms are so bright and clean and easy to shoot in. And the nursing staff has always been so accommodating. I always have such a great experience here and I think my mama's do too.

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