Ruth | Fresh 48

Pensacola Fresh 48 West Florida Hospital Baby Ruth
Pensacola Fresh 48 West Florida Hospital Baby Ruth

I had a few minutes with just Ruth and Mommy before Daddy arrived with Claire. So we chatted and sipped our Starbucks while I snapped. Ruth was completely content to stare right into my lens. Little Ruth was merely 20 hours old for her Fresh 48 and already so bright eyed. And she looked exactly like her big sister Claire did as a newborn. Hair. Lips. Eyes. They are total twins...born 2 years apart. Lucky April (who is also a photographer) with her TWO adorable children that were just born to model.

When Claire and Mark arrived and the energy in the room went thru the roof! Claire could not even contain her excitement and love. She bounced all over the hospital bed, squealing in delight and peppering kisses all over her sister. When she was done with that, she took over logging Ruth's feeding and diaper stats while I worked with the rest of the newly expanded family. We finished up with some more smothering snuggling by the window until it was time for me to go.

Check out the highlights from Ruth's first photo shoot by clicking the video below. If you do not see the video player, please refresh the page in your browser.

I am so happy to have been able to capture these moments for my sweet friends. I had the opportunity to show April this slideshow in person and watch her eyes well up with emotion. Later that night I received a message from Mark, thanking me for making his wife so happy. I rarely get to see my clients reaction to the images we make together, but when I do it always confirms for me the importance of birth and fresh 48 sessions. The first days with a new baby are such a blur of exhaustion, discomfort, and emotional highs and lows. You quickly forget just how tiny your baby was. How her head fit in your hands and his little fingers wrapped around yours. Welcoming a new baby is as major an event as a wedding. I am thrilled to see an overdue surge in desire to have the first days in the hospital professionally documented.

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