Victor's Fresh 48 | Pensacola Newborn Photographer


After Josh and Melissa's maternity mini session, I couldn't wait to see them again and meet baby Victor for his first photo shoot at the Naval Hospital. Baby Vic slept the whole time and didn't even want to wake up to eat! Lucky parents! Sweet Maddie, shy at the last session, was bursting with energy and excitement this time. We jumped off stools, played fetch with bulb syringes, and became best friends. She was absolutely infatuated with her new little brother. When she thought that Josh was going to take Victor from her, she covered him with her little arms and gave her daddy a ferocious look (well as ferocious a look as a toddler can give, it was mostly just adorable). pensacola newborn photographer

Then we had a discussion about who Victor looks like. Josh says daddy, Melissa says mommy. Both say Maddie. I've found that newborns most often tend to favor their fathers, but I think I have to go with Melissa on this one. What do you think?

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