Rock The Shot | June Photo Challenge | Summer Fun

Here in the 11th hour, I decided that it would be fun to enter the June Photo Challenge at Rock The Shot ( This month's theme is Summer Fun. I actually took this shot a couple of weeks ago on a location scouting expedition to a field I love, but hadn't yet used in the summer. My daughter Isla tagged along and took the opportunity to run around, pick up "walking" sticks, pull leaves off trees, and investigate every blackberry bramble we came across. When we discovered a patch of dandelions, we of course could not leave until she had blown the fluff off each and every one. I love this shot because of the glorious back light, the repetition of circles in the flower, her lips, the glasses, and the bokeh, and the sense of anticipation you get from the moment in which the action was frozen.


Lens: Nikkor 85mm f/1.8

Exposure: 1/125 sec at f/3.5

ISO: 100

Rock the Shot