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Like so many photographers, my career started as nothing more than a desire to beautifully document my own family moments. Owning a small business isn’t something I ever planned to do…or ever even considered really. And I won’t lie…the BUSINESS side is the part that I spend most of my time on. It’s the hard part…the not so fun part.

Having a good CRM is crucial to managing and growing a successful business and providing a consistent customer experience while maintaining your sanity. As a leader of our local chapter of the Rising Tide Society, I receive access to the Honeybook CRM for free. But still I PAY to use Dubsado, because it is just that much better.

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Why? Let me tell you…



Maybe some people fine it simpler and easier to have limited options, but I hate being boxed into someone else’s choices. I want to be able to choose from ALL THE THINGS. The ability to really customize proposals, workflows, contact forms, contracts, and other communication within Dubsado is amazing. I’ve found Honeybook to be mostly geared toward wedding professionals and extremely limited when it comes to look and feel. Where as Dubsado is robust enough to meet all of my needs and integrate seamlessly with my brand.


Not only does Dubsado really listen to their customers and work hard to provide the features we want and need, they are FAST about it. New and awesome capabilities are being rolled out constantly and they continue to perfect and improve upon everything, even the user interface. Honeybook hasn’t made any significant changes since I first signed up.


Not that Honeybook’s customer service isn’t wonderful too. They are…but Dubsado just blows everyone else out of the water. They have resources and tutorials for everything and their customer service always seems to be there for me when I need it. Even after hours when their chat box says no one is there, I get a response MUCH sooner than expected.


Honeybook charges a higher transaction fee to process payments than other vendors. Dubsado allows you to connect Stripe or Square to accept payments at a lower fee. Maybe that would even out in the log run if I were to stop paying Dubsado monthly, but I don’t care. The way Dubsado has been to easy to make an extension of my brand and the speed at which they roll out new and meaningful features has made me a loyal customer.

My clients constantly compliment me on my customer experience. Dubsado has kept me organized as my business has grown and made my life easier in so many ways. But most importantly, it helps me to wow my clients and look like a professional…even when I am overwhelmed and feeling like I’m dropping all the balls.

Thanks Becca and Jake for rocking my world!

If you are interested in signing up for Dubsado, click this link for 20% off.

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