A Tiny House Newborn Session | Pensacola Newborn Photographer


When I met Morgan at my parent’s kitchen counter a few years ago, she was just beginning construction on her own tiny home. I was fascinated by this 25-year-old girl and her mission to build her home by herself (with the help of her dad and friends here and there), largely out of salvaged and reclaimed materials. I immediately started following her on Instagram to watch her progress.

181022-Josiah Gray-82.jpg

Once I began to see Morgan’s vision for her tiny dream home, I was even more intrigued. A bright and airy space with a modern, but cozy cabin feel…it was shaping up to be gorgeous. I knew it would make a pretty amazing photoshoot, so I reached out to ask if I could photograph her in it when she finished. She loved the idea.


These major projects ALWAYS take so much longer than expected, but somewhere in the middle of it all Morgan, and now Joseph too, found themselves working on another little labor of love that would slow progress on the tiny house even further: a baby.


I kept in touch and finally, Morgan let me know that they were almost done and determined to finish up before baby Josiah arrived. She thought I wouldn’t want to do the shoot anymore, but au contraire! This was even BETTER! Babies are what I do and it was an absolute bonus to be able to turn this whole idea into a tiny house newborn session.


And it turned out the be one of the sweetest and most beautiful newborn sessions I’ve ever done, despite the challenges of photographing a family of three in such a tiny space. I spent the majority of the session tucked into the bathroom, perched on the stairs to the loft, or crouched on the kitchen counters with a super wide angle lens. (I really wish I had pictures of my acrobatics!)


But Morgan and Joseph never blinked an eye as I climbed, contorted myself, and got super close to them with an enormous lens. Thru it all they remained just as naturally gorgeous and comfortable as the tiny house decor. Perfectly content to sip coffee, make music and enjoy their baby boy.

181022-Josiah Gray-134.jpg

As you can imagine, living in a teeny tiny space with a newborn, while recovering from childbirth, isn’t the easiest. Morgan ended up with a c-section and was, thankfully, able to stay at her parent’s house (50 feet away) while she recovered. It would have been pretty difficult to manage climbing in and out of a loft bed after major abdominal surgery.


Once she was able to move back into the tiny full time, she solved the no-room-for-a-crib problem with a Dock-A-Tot that could be moved around wherever needed. She also created clever storage solutions for baby blankets and other necessities by incorporating them into the tiny home’s decor.


I’m sure living tiny with a baby hasn’t as effortless as she’s made it look. And now that Josiah is nearing a year, Morgan and Joseph have made the decision to put their adorable little home on the market. If you’re interested in a showing, you can reach Morgan at 850-324-7939.


So what do you think? Is your wanderlust and thirst for adventure big enough that you would consider tiny house living with a newborn baby? Do you have any questions for Morgan about tiny home building or living? Tell us in the comments after the jump…