The "brand lifestyle" idea was born out of a huge influx of entrepreneurs asking me for head shots. Digging deeper, I came to understand that what you really want are not head shots. You really want visuals for your websites and social media that are consistent with your brand, communicate to your potential clients a sense of who you are and your passion for what you do, and that foster feelings of connection and trustworthiness in someone who has never met you. 

  • $500 is the starting price for lifestyle headshots
  • Behind the scenes & product photography is also available, prices vary based on the scope of the project
  • Your collection of digital images is included via digital download
  • Commercial license provided



With so many entrepreneurs out there offering the same (or similar) products and services, it is so hard to set yourself and your business apart from the crowd. I believe that best way to do that, is to let potential clients see YOU and encourage them to connect with you as a person, not just as a business. My brand lifestyle sessions are for professionals looking to connect with their clients base on a deeper level and to showcase important details of their business in an authentic and comfortable way. Think photographers, designers, artists, doulas, fitness instructors, life coaches, boutique business owners, educators, hairstylists, make-up artists, writers, freelancers...the list is really endless. These are NOT traditional head shots. There are no backdrops, studio lights, or stiff poses. My lifestyle brand sessions will be custom designed and tailored to fit you, your business, and your needs. With every session, we will dive into the fine details of your branding and come up with a plan to photograph you in a way that reinforces and supports your brand ideals and visuals. 

Here is what you might be looking for:

Often these images will be used on your website's about page, social media accounts, marketing materials, or in publication in conjunction with your work. If you're here reading this, I know that the last the you want is a stiff, corporate image. My goal is to capture you and/or your team in a way that conveys your personality and offers potential clients a first glimpse of who you are. I want them to begin to imagine what it will be like to work with you and/or buy your products. 

If you work with clients in person (think photographers, doulas, instructors, stylists), a behind the scenes session will typically consist of me capturing you in action and working with your ideal client. If you sell a product, this session is perfect for capturing your production process or any other aspects of that product you might want to share. If your services are more abstract, this session can be used to build you an arsenal of on-brand imagery for use in your social media feeds and blog posts. There are so many possibilities and we will talk about how to structure this session to best showcase the unique ways that you serve your clients.

Show your customers exactly what they are getting and help them begin to imagine themselves using your products with engaging product photography. These sessions will be tailored to highlight your product line and may include anything from flat lays to styled shoots to showcase your product in use. 

One of the best ways to connect and build instant trust in your clients, is share your personal story. People are so naturally curious about other people and always want to know all about who they are working a person, not just a professional. I think that is because they are looking to work with people who are like them, and who they believe will understand them. For this reason, I believe a family session is really necessary to this process of creating visuals for your brand. (And 'family' is a catch-all term here. Family is whomever your people are, even if your only 'person' is your dog.) Our family makes us real and vulnerable and shows our clients that we have the ability to connect and to care deeply for someone other than ourselves. And so we'll make this session all about the real you at home, engaged in your favorite activity, or on an adventure. Where applicable, we will endeavor to make it clear that you ARE your business and that you personally endorse what you are advocating as a business person. (For example: as a lifestyle photographer, I make sure that everything I put out there of my own family is consistent with what my clients will get from me. I want them to see that I don't just DO lifestyle photography for them, I actively practice it in my own life with my own family. If I want what I do to be important to them, I have to show them that it is deeply important to me.) 




Business: Brand educator & strategist for creative entrepreneurs
Brand color palette & style: Neutrals & Blush / Light, airy, feminine, cozy, simple.
Values: Passion, simplify, purpose, prosper, educate
Ideal Client: Perfectionist, adventurous, rebellious, passionate, compassionate.
Photography goals: A variety of relaxed, candid style shots for use on website, social media, & in publication. 
Sessions booked: Headshots, Behind the Scenes & Family Lifestyle



Business: Young Living Essential Oils
Brand style: Bright & Clean
Values: Natural, pure, toxin free living & wellness
Ideal Client: Looking for natural home & health product alternatives
Photography goals: Showcase product in a variety of ways for use on social media & promotional graphics
Sessions booked: Product Photography



Business: Mindset & belief breakthrough coach for female entrepreneurs
Brand color palette & style: Teal, mustard, coral, wine, charcoal / Vibrant, rich, natural, with a bit of edginess & playfulnes
Values: Freedom, play, openness, truth, depth
Ideal Client: Feels overwhelmed, uncertain, tired & not good enough, but hopeful. Who she REALLY is: Fun/funny, heart-centered, passionate, sharp, purposeful, & organized
Photography goals: A variety of images for use on website, social media, & in publication. Images need to show off quirky personality. Need many images with negative space for creating info graphics
Sessions booked: Headshots & Behind the Scenes