My child does not enjoy photos, so he was dreading going at first. Once we got there and it took (literally) two minutes for him to be finished, he was a happy client. "Mom, that's it! I'm done?!"

The style and feel of these portraits are just perfect! I love how Natalie captures the authenticity of each child and focuses solely on their face and personality, without the distracting props and backgrounds with traditional school portraits.


We absolutely love our photos that Natalie took of our son. She captured his personality perfectly! The camera angles and editing were perfect for highlighting my sons face and expressions rather than distracting from it like some of the normal backgrounds often do. Natalie took the time to interact on a personal level with my son and make him as comfortable as possible. This approach helped draw out his personality and provided an avenue for a real smile rather than a forced smile we usually see with school photos.

The range of image sizes and clear image previews through the online ordering made it so much easier to confidently select the photos we wanted. In the past, we have had to review small grainy previews of photos, if we even had the ability to choose. The options to purchase only one photo, if so desired, was a welcome change to selecting from expensive packages that include image sizes and quantities that we did not need or want.


My kids loved Natalie! They usually don't smile well in their school photos, but these came out great! It was so much more natural.

Natalie’s ordering process is SOOOOO much better! I love being able to see the proofs before we order. I hate buying a school portrait package in advance and it not be a good picture. Then it's too late…I’ve already paid for it.