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If you have ever had a baby, then you know that sometimes newborns just have bad days. Maybe they are bored, or over tired, or over stimulated, or experiencing growing pains...who knows? But it happens. Babies cry. And sometimes nothing you do makes it stop, or if it does, the peace doesn't last for long. It is heartbreaking to watch, knowing you are doing your best...and your best doesn't seem to be good enough. Navarre newborn photographer Heidi girl gave me a run for my money. This poor sweet baby cried nearly the entire time I was there. I stayed almost 3 hours hoping that she would wear herself out, but she was not having it. Hope fed Heidi a lot and Tony was able to settle her briefly with his magnificent swaddling skills. But she was soon wailing again.

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I could see that Hope and Tony were a little frustrated and worried that their whole session would be a bust. I assured them that, despite the difficult day, we would have plenty of great shots. I hope what you are about to see will serve as encouragement in the event you end up at your newborn session with a screaming baby. Peaceful images can absolutely be achieved in the midst of the crying.

Stay positive. Keep smiling. Forge ahead. Keep loving on baby and each other. And trust that we're making beautiful memories of this fleeting time in your life. Hope and Tony, you guys were amazing. I hope you love the results as much as I do.

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