Pensacola Maternity Photography | Ace & Melissa


Baby Juliet is here!!! Her birth was amazing. But before we can get to that, I have to finish showing you Ace & Melissa's adorable lifestyle maternity session. Because it's pretty awesome too and really deserves a little spotlight. Pensacola maternity photography is awesome. I've photographed Ace & Melissa a lot over the years. It's just what you do when you're best friends with another photographer. They are just so gosh darn adorable together and their sessions never disappoint. Even so, I had no idea what an exciting treat Melissa had in store for me this time.


Not that waffles are all that exciting on their own. But when you walk into a session and your subjects announce that they are about to make waffles together while you photograph it?!?!? Now that's a lifestyle photographer's dream right there. So Ace made waffles while Melissa drank coffee (because we're all java heads and coffee ends up in every shoot), they showed me their nursery, packed up the hospital bag, got a little work done, and (as a reward for all that hard work) ended the session with a foot massage. It was pretty much a perfect morning.

Click play to check out our fun. And be sure to leave Melissa & Ace a comment below.

Disclaimer: Melissa really only ate waffles. The rest of the fridge rummaging was staged. Sometimes I can't resist small deviations from reality.