Supposey Floreal Collection | Pensacola Florist

I had an amazing styled shoot planned for this past weekend. The concept for the shoot was to be centered around the wonderfully bold and vibrant hair color creations of stylist Rebecca Taylor, owner of Pensacola's newest (and dare I say, most fabulous) salon--Vivid. Artistic Hair Design. Unfortunately, Rebecca had a last minute emergency, and we've had to reschedule (but it's coming soon...I promise!). For Rebecca's shoot, I had also enlisted the ridiculously talented Pensacola florist, Chloe of Supposey Wedding Florals. I asked Chloe to think WAY outside the box and come up with some bold and unexpected accessories for our hair models. Well boy did she deliver. My mouth just DROPPED when she showed me what she came up with and there was no way I could let her gorgeous creations go to waste! So we rounded up some new models and set out to capture some images for Supposey's newest line of floral accessories. I am so thrilled to introduce...

The Floreal Collection

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I mean your mind BLOWN!?!? I am consistently floored by Chloe's artistry and vision. Everything she does makes me drool. And underneath all that awesomesauce is a genuinely sweet and enthusiastic girl that I have really enjoyed having the chance to work with.

A special thanks to our sweet and lovely models Perryn and Brit. The day would have been completely lost without you both stepping in on such short notice.

If 50 people comment on this post, I will give Chloe and each of our models a FREE mounted 8×10 print of their choice (a $40 value each). Take a minute to leave us some love, and be sure share your comments on Facebook so we get even more!