The Coke Garage | Pensacola Photo Spots

I am the kind of person that is always early to an appointment. Not just the if-you're-not-five-minutes-early-you're-late kind of early, but so early that I end up having time to kill before the five minute mark. And to kill that time I like to drive around looking for possible locations for portrait sessions. It was on one such occasion that I spotted this old garage and thought it would be a great spot for a morning shoot.

Pensacola Coca-Cola
Yellow Garage

Why is it a great place for portraits? Let me count the ways:

1) Color: The pops of primary colors are visually very interesting and grab the viewer's attention. Additionally, the red, yellow, and blue complement each other and make for a harmonious image.

2) Texture: The texture in the brick, concrete, plywood, and dirty glass create a sense of drama in the image. They will also contract nicely with a subject's skin.

3) Light: The morning sun peeks out from behind the building and thru the foliage making excellent backlighting (my favorite kind of light).

All of these elements make this a fantastic spot to stick a subject and snap away. It's the perfect spot for a high school senior, an engaged couple, or a whole family. However, it is really only useable in the early morning.

Want to have your portrait taken here? I'd love to chat with you about how to style a session for this awesome location.