Emma | Pensacola C-section Photography

When Shannon contacted me about photographing the birth of her second child, she knew she would be having a c-section. Unfortunately, c-section photography in Pensacola is a hit or miss operation. Hospital staff will not always let a second guest into the OR. We prayed and planned and held out hope as I captured Shannon, Joe, and little Brody in their last few moments as a family of three. 

In the end, I was not granted access to the OR for Shannon's surgery. However, Angie (aka, the best baby nurse in all the land), sat me in the recovery bay to wait, and graciously offered to take in my camera and capture what she could of baby Emma's first moments. I whipped out my back up camera, set it in Auto, and handed it over. I have to say, the angles she was able to get (because she is a nurse and can get much closer than a non-medical professional), more than made up for any compromise in technical accuracy. I wouldn't even hesitate to do it again...I mean, LOOK at this!

Pensacola c-section photography


As disappointed as we all were that I couldn't be in the OR, there were still plenty of emotion filled moments To be captured in recovery. I had lots of time with Emma (who did not yet have her name) and Joe, while mommy was getting put back together, and Angie even waited to record footprints and measurements in front of me. After Shannon and her parents had a few minutes with baby, Joe brought Brody back to meet his sister. Make sure you watch the whole slideshow, because those images are at the end and you won't want to miss the sweetness.

Isn't Emma just a gorgeous baby? And ALL that hair. Everyone had to pull off her hat and see it.

Stay tuned to swoon over the upcoming post from her newborn lifestyle session.

Supporting Cast: Angie Erickson (Baby Nurse/Assistant Photographer), Dr. Shane Medlock (Primary Surgeon), Dr. Brian Sontag (Assisting Surgeon)

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