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Baby Natalie was the last of my three 7/7 babies. She was supposed to be delivered by c-section later in the month. So, given I'd already had 2 babies born that day, I was floored to get Maria's e-mail telling me that she had apparently been in labor all day and was heading in for an emergency surgery! Pensacola Birth Photographers Natalie was not pleased that mom and dad invited the paparazzi. The poor thing screamed nearly the entire session, reaching a new level of distress every time my camera clicked in her sweet little face. Lucky for me, screaming baby shots are my favorite. They are heartbreaking and ridiculously adorable all at the same time. How does all of that fierceness fit into such a soft and tiny pink package?

Pensacola Birth Photographers
Pensacola Birth Photographers

I like to think that one day, Maria and Dominic will look thru these with her and laugh about what a spitfire she was, right from the start. But right now, YOU can click play to check out the highlights from their session.


And doesn't Maria just look like a Disney Princess ensconced in her bed? How do I know so may people that look so amazing after delivering a baby?

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