Pensacola FL Maternity Photography | Melissa & Josh


Josh and Melissa are new to the Pensacola area, and love taking their little Maddie down to the Palafox Pier. We thought Palafox would be a great place for a little maternity mini session just a week before their scheduled c-section. Melissa and Josh are such a fun and beautiful couple. Josh is a total comedian, always quick on the draw with a joke or sarcastic quip. Melissa just takes it all in stride, occasionally rolling her eyes in mock exasperation over his hilarious commentary. It's obvious what a close knit little family they have. Their little Maddie wasn't too happy about being woken from her nap, but completely adorable nonetheless. Aren't kids are the most fun when they want nothing to do with you? I love capturing those sassy little personalities. Pensacola FL Maternity Photography  

These three will be back on the blog again soon, with baby Victor on the outside of the belly. Little Maddie is so sweet with her brother. You don't want to miss it! Pensacola FL Maternity Photography

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