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Perhaps you have noticed that I haven't been around lately. I hate taking a break from my craft, but sometimes it becomes necessary to put aside the things you love for the good of something else. If you follow my Facebook page, you are already in the loop. If you don't then let me take a moment to share a bit of news...

Coffee Pregnancy Announcement
Coffee Pregnancy Announcement

Yep! We're expecting. Unfortunately, this pregnancy has been a total roller coaster, both physically and emotionally. I have had several miscarriage scares, been on and off bed rest, and spent some time in labor & delivery...and this kid is only half done cooking! And so, photography has taken a back seat. Thankfully, things are looking up for the time being and I've been able to start playing catch up on my backlog. I am still not planning to begin taking sessions again anytime soon, but I am looking forward to a new opportunity to do a few mini (very mini) shoots for a new local fashion blog. And, of course, I have a color collaboration shoot to finish up and blog about!

But first, let's talk baby stuff!

Due Date? April 17, 2014. (Ironically, this is the exact same date that my daughter was due in 2009! I always said I wanted my kids to be five years apart...I didn't necessarily mean to the day. LOL!)

Morning Sickness? HOLY MOLY YES! I just resumed a normal appetite about 3 weeks ago. And I still have horrible heartburn/reflux. I hear that means baby will have a lot of hair. I'm interested to know!

Cravings? I craved sweets when I was pregnant with my daughter. I may or may not have lived on Oreos on cranberry limeades from Sonic. But this time around sweets really turn my stomach. Thankfully, my cravings are mostly for fresh and healthy things that I should be eating (avocado, greens, beets, proteins) and anything sour, spicy, or salty. Mexican and cuban sandwiches are weekly staples.

Boy or Girl? I just KNEW it was a girl. Perhaps it is just easier to imagine having a girl because we already have one. In any case, I was wrong. We're having a BOY!

Little Man gender reveal
Little Man gender reveal

I can't wait to get back to photographing at a more aggressive pace, but for now it's time to put the focus on my family. Photog Life

Special thanks to my bestie, Melissa Wilson, for the awesome images. I'm exceedingly lucky to know you!