Model Call | Project Fed


If there is one thing that years of documenting birth and babies has taught me, it is that we ALL struggle with something when it comes to feeding our babies. Worry, pain, infection, supply, guilt, shame, lack of knowledge, lack of support, an overabundance of unwanted ‘support’…and the list goes on and on. Whether the source of struggle is internal or external or the outcome positive or negative, the simple task of feeding her baby has the power to deeply impact a woman’s self-confidence and sense of worthiness.

Well isn’t that just bullshit?

Shouldn’t the only standard by which we (or anyone else) judge the quality of our parenting be the general health and happiness of the mother/baby pair?

Personally, my own struggles to breastfeed my children were a source of hurt and shame for a long time. The stories of other women have gone a long way toward healing those emotional scars and teaching me to celebrate the journey, the effort, the dedication, and the ultimate health and happiness of my babies. Instead of dwelling on the failures.

I want to document more of these stories.

So! I am searching for moms with babies who are willing to get vulnerable and participate in photojournalism project featuring images and stories that shine a light on the feelings, the victories, and the sometimes crazy things moms go thru when it comes to breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, and feeding struggles. Because the reality is that feeding our babies is HARD and we all struggle at some point. We all begin this journey unprepared. We all have moments where we questions our choices, feel judged by others or are too damn hard on ourselves.

Sharing our stories has the power to change the greater narrative.

My goals are to:

  • Empower mothers with beautiful images and stories they can relate to. Stories that validate worthiness and promote self-love.

  • Encourage more support for mothers from the greater community.

  • Equip new and future mothers to make their own best decisions, whatever the task of baby feeding may throw at them.

  • Make beautiful images and connect with more amazing women.


Yes: Read on for more details, then click the button above or at the bottom to apply and tell me your story.

No or N/A: That’s totally cool. Thanks for checking this out anyway! I’d love it if you would share this post and help me to find more mothers who might like to share their stories.

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I am currently accepting mothers on the Gulf Coast who are breastfeeding or pumping for babies of any age, formula feeding babies under 12 months of age, and expectant mothers in their 3rd trimester who are already aware that their feeding scenario/choice will be non-traditional OR who are open to being photographed nude/uncensored.

Photo sessions will take place in Pensacola, FL. Mothers outside this area are still welcome to apply if willing to travel to meet and be photographed in Pensacola, FL.

All subjects must sign a model release.


Stylistically, I envision the images created within this project being very raw, intimate, candid and reflective of real life. They will not be overly posed or styled.

I am interested in capturing all kinds of feeding scenarios and telling the stories of struggle, choice, and/or empowerment behind them. Here is a list of ideas, though I am certainly open to anything I may not have considered. I am particularly interested in documenting anything that is in bold type:

  • Breastfeeding struggles (latch, low supply, over supply, pain, mastitis, cracked/bleeding nipples)

  • Use of a nursing aid (nipple shield, supplemental nursing system, breast pumps)

  • Tandem feeding (twins or children of different ages)

  • Pumping while feeding

  • Bottle feeding (formula/breastmilk preparation + stash, spouse/partner/kids feeding)

  • Feeding in public (covered, uncovered, in the car, at the coffee shop, on the playground, grocery shopping, etc.)

  • Groups of women feeding together

  • Adoptive mothers or mothers of babies via surrogacy inducing lactation or using donor milk

  • Feeding in different countries/cultures

  • Stories of feeding choices that have garnered extreme criticism from others

  • Feeding/pumping while working (at home and in the office)

  • Feeding/pumping while multi-tasking (doing chores, parenting other children, cooking, etc.)

  • Feeding while baby wearing

  • Feeding in bed/lying down

  • Feeding with a disability (mom or baby), PPD or after breast cancer

  • Don’t see your story here? Apply to tell me about it!


Besides the knowledge that you are doing your part to empower women, each mother photographed will receive the photo session and a complimentary collection of web-sized, watermarked images for sharing on social media. High resolution images, print, albums, and wall art will be available for purchase if you choose. No purchase required.